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2015 Webinars

Day 1
Feb 19 2015

Good Faith, Bad Faith and the Ugly Consequences

This Webinar will focus on the concepts of good faith and “bad faith” claims handling. We will discuss what a bad faith cause of action is, as well as the types of extracontractual damages that could be recovered in a bad faith case. We will discuss the basic bad faith statutes and requirements. We will also cover institutional bad faith and claims for punitive damages. Finally, we will discuss the basic rules of “good faith” claims handling including and specifically focusing on fire and potentially fraudulent.
Jerry Albrecht
Day 2
Apr 21 2015

3D Scanning and Fire Modeling

WHAT FIRE MODELING CAN DO FOR YOU! This webinar will highlight the importance of fire modeling to address fire claims. Fire modeling is an unequal tool to assist with fire claims that have potential litigation. It relies on the state-of-the-art sciences of fire chemistry, physics, and complements origin and cause of the fire investigation.
Daniel Bak
Day 3
Aug 15 2015

To Be Determined

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Day 4
Sep 03 2015

Daubert Challenges in Litigation

The Supreme Court decision in Daubert v Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals forever changed the process for presenting expert testimony in federal court cases. Daubert or a variation has since been implemented...
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Guy E. “Sandy” Burnette
Day 5
Nov 11 2015

Communication Between Claims and Law Enforcement

An arson investigation requires communication with law enforcement both to obtain information necessary for the investigation and to comply with various mandatory reporting requirements. However, if the communication is not done and documented properly it could compromise law enforcement's investigation and could subject the insurance company to potential extra-contractual exposure.
James Cole
Day 6
Dec 21 2015


The 5 Things Beginning Claims Representatives Should Consider When Handling a Fire Claim.
Jerry Albrecht