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Moreland protects company reputation for 34 years

Moreland PatPat Moreland understands the importance of having the right tools to sell our product and has been instrumental over the years in creating materials that have drawn attention to customers and allowed us to be the premier provider of insurance services in the religious institutional marketplace.

One only needs to look as far as the company website to see some of the profound work he has been a part of over the years.

In 1980, Moreland was a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin — Madison’s masters of business administration program (MBA) with a marketing emphasis when he learned of an open position at Church Mutual.

Although he had a similar offer from a company nearby, there was no doubt in his mind as he accepted the Marketing Assistant job.

“I felt Church Mutual was a great fit,” said Moreland. “I came here for the position and the variety it brought, but also for the people. I was 27 years old and had come from a huge company where most people didn’t know the name of the president, to Church Mutual where I met the president before I was hired.”

Moreland received a promotion in 1984 to Marketing/Advertising Manager. Two years later, he was promoted to Assistant Vice President — Marketing and Advertising.

In 1995, Moreland was promoted to Vice President — Corporate Communications. The title changed back to Marketing in 2003 and he has held the role since.

Moreland has accomplished many things during his time here. Largely due to his positive nationwide representation of Church Mutual during the 1996 church arson crisis, he was inducted into the President’s Achievement Club in 1997.

When he walked into Church Mutual’s doors, the sales force had two fliers to use: fire extinguishers and vandalism/arson. Sales representative typed proposals on two single sheets of paper. It wasn’t until the mid-90’s that Church Mutual attended national conventions.

“If you look at our website and SharePoint now, we have hundreds of items,” said Moreland. “My unit has been responsible (with assistance from our advertising agency) for leading the development of our product-related material, as well as safety and corporate material. We have also created videos and maintained the company website. Now we have so much stuff that some representatives can’t find what we have. If we don’t have it, there’s a good chance that we’ll develop it.

“Our material is used with prospects and customers, but some of it also has training value for our own people,” he continued. “It’s been great to see the expansion of all of our offerings over the years. We don’t just create something and it stays that way forever.”

Moreland will retire on Feb. 27 after 34 years with the company.

Although he certainly wasn’t expecting to spend the majority of his career with one company, he says time just moved right along. “From day one, I looked at it as ‘I’m going to work my tail off and I’m going to try to build a career, rather than a job,’ said Moreland. “I’ve never regretted taking this position. I’ve always had enough variety and independence to keep the job interesting. The people here are great and it’s a good environment.”

Colleagues past and present can say the same.

“It’s difficult to write ‘a few words’ about the contributions that Pat Moreland made to Church Mutual during the time I was working with him as an associate under Ted Jefferson and for 18 years as the head of Sales and Marketing,” said Herb Heyne. “One of the heaviest responsibilities of the Marketing Department is the development of all the materials related to advertising, image, sales support, convention displays and in our case, direct mail. Pat was in charge of these areas and I never had to be concerned about them. He was given responsibility for the care and management of that end and did it with a great deal of pride and hard work.

“There was no doubt about the quality of the materials and programs that were developed under his direction,” Heyne continued. “Church Mutual became a leader in the church insurance industry and some of that credit can be given to Pat; the sales representatives could not have been as successful as they were without his support.”

“Pat excelled in every one of the numerous assignments given to him while I was at Church Mutual,” said Dieter Nickel. “I enjoyed working with him in the arrangements and execution of the numerous press releases and conferences. My Merrill friends often remarked to me that you would have to be dead or deaf not to know when Church Mutual was making an important announcement regarding the company and its progress in the community. Pat saw to it that the word got out in all of the state and area media.”

“Pat was one of the key stewards and guardians of Church Mutual’s reputation and image in our market,” said CEO Mike Ravn. “Whether it was a corporate press release, advertising in religious publications or writing and editing marketing/risk management brochures, he always kept Church Mutual’s professional image at the forefront. He also strongly believed in leveraging that image directly with our sales force in the field. He could reach out individually to gain input and insight to help market Church Mutual’s product and service. Pat’s efforts were significant contributors to Church Mutual’s premier standing in the religious insurance marketplace.”