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2016 Webinars

Day 1
Oct 18 2016

Crushing Subro! How Liability Professionals Defeat Subrogation Efforts

You are holding in your hand the Golden Egg: the ‘perfect subrogation file’ has just dropped onto your desk, ready for you to collect and be the hero.  All you...
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Edward G. Roberts
Day 2
Oct 27 2016

Is Your Fire Expert Qualified?

The Requirements of NFPA 1033, ‘Standard for professional Qualifications for Fire Investigators’ NFPA 1033 is a national professional standard for anyone wanting to serve as a fire investigator in either...
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Scott D. Storm
Day 3
Dec 28 2016

Hello, I Had a Fire…

The 5 Things Beginning Claims Representatives Should Consider When Handling a Fire Claim Fire claims, and particularly those involving intentionally set fires, pose unique and tricky issues for the claims...
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