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Connecting People in the Arson Investigation Industry – One Handshake at a Time
May 21-22, 2018

The ICAC Arson Training Seminar has always been a high-quality conference dealing with current fire investigation issues.  IAAI’s International Training Conference is synonymous with outstanding training. Once again, the Insurance Committee on Arson Control (ICAC) and the IAAI have partnered to bring two incredible days of training for fire claims and insurance professionals in conjunction with the IAAI’s International Training Conference.


This two-day seminar offers attendees exposure to cutting-edge arson & fire investigation techniques, procedures, resources, and relationships.

Topics for the 2018 seminar include:

  • The Four Corners of Origin Determination: Witness Statements, Fire Patterns, Arc Mapping, & Fire Dynamics
  • Remember the Alamo: A Step-by-Step Process for Corralling the Large Loss Scene Inspection
  • Investigation Beyond Origin and Cause
  • Regulations of Surveillance Technologies and Their Implications for Fire Losses
  • Cooperative Response to Fire Investigations

See the Fire & Explosion Claims and Investigation Training Seminar agenda for more details.

Seminar Location

Frisco Convention Center

Frisco, TX 75034