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Mission and Focus

ICAC Mission Statement

The Insurance Committee for Arson Control (ICAC) serves as a national resource, education and communications organization. From this perspective, ICAC sponsors and coordinates the activities of the National Arson Forum, a gathering of leaders from the public and private sectors to exchange information and develop new resources to aid all participants in the battle against arson.

ICAC works to increase public awareness of the arson problem, what can be done and how the industry is responding on both the national and local levels. It does this through contact with the media, local task forces and the public directly.



  • promoting and coordinating the Public Affairs effort within the industry to fight the battle against arson
  • providing continuing education and training for claims investigators, law enforcement personnel, defense attorneys, and others involved in arson investigation
  • developing greater public and private sector awareness of the arson problem
  • supporting legislation which has a deterrent effect on the crime of arson



  • Act as industry spokesperson/leader for arson issues
  • Repository of arson information
  • Training resource for arson investigators/P&C companies
  • Forum for industry to discuss arson issues
  • Publications



1. Expand existing training by developing new proactive programs for a broader audience of insurance personnel.

2. Increase public relations activities to include: creating a Web site, increase number of press releases, etc.

3. Liaison with all related agencies on arson control issues.

4. Become the insurance industry information developer and clearinghouse regarding arson awareness education and control.