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The Fire Loss Specialist Course provides insurance professionals with high-quality general training related to fire claims handling, with a particular focus on cases where arson is a relevant part of the investigation. This program is accessible online, on-demand on any device and provides a robust learning experience for insurance professionals.

It covers the handling of fire claim from a legal, rather than forensic, perspective. The training will be intensive, with testing components built-in throughout the learning process.

Continuing Education Units are available for this course from the Indiana Department of Insurance.  If you are interested in receiving credit for the modules, you must send an email to the course administrator upon completion of each module.

We are working to add additional states to our CE program.  If you would like to complete our program and receive credit in another state outside of Indiana, please send the course administrator an email with your request.

The 12 module course will provide approximately 36 hours of education and students have one year to complete their studies.


Why take the Fire Loss Specialist Course?

Enrolling in this course provides an insurance professional with proof of basic and current competencies in handling fire/arson claims. Being educated helps you:

  • Collaborate effectively with other entities involved in the claims process (insureds, law enforcement, investigators, etc.)
  • Evaluate and process claims professionally for the good of the insured and the company
  • Understand and demonstrate a commitment to good faith claims handling
  • Justify decisions through use of processes and effective research when handling fire claims
  • Become more effective in courtroom testimony adding weight and support to the skills required for a proper fire loss investigation
  • Gain professional recognition from your peers and the industry


Why should a manager want their employees to earn this certification?

Enrolling your employees will provide necessary training on basic practices related to fire/arson claims.

As a manager, you will:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to use professional claims staff in fire/arson claims
  • Enhance the potential to identify claims issues before they become litigation issues
  • Increase the potential of identifying claims that are fraudulent
  • This protects the bottom line for the company, and;
  • Instills confidence in policy holders in the stability of the company;
  • Protects innocent policy holders from the cost of insurance fraud.
  • Decrease the potential of bad faith claims against your company



$900 – members of ICAC
$1,080 – non-members of ICAC
Students have 365 days to complete the program.