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ICAC Associate Membership

ICAC Associate Membership provides an opportunity for mutual support of the anti-arson effort between the insurance industry and organizations involved in principal fire/arson investigation, claim management and arson litigation defense. That support includes the following:

  • Mutual recognition, support and encouragement of competent fire investigations and anti-arson efforts.
  • Increased visibility and beneficial interaction and engagement at ICAC events.
  • Increased awareness of engaged professionals in fire/arson investigation and related claim and defense litigation efforts who concur on the importance of arson prevention/deterrence.
  • Support for insurance related anti-arson efforts primarily related to education, networking, and shared resources/knowledge.

Membership Categories

  • Legal
    – Law firms
  • Specialist
    – Cause and origin services, labs, private arson investigators
  • Governmental
    – Fire & police departments, federal agencies, fire marshals, prosecutors

Associate Membership Benefits

  • Access to Members only section of website
  • Access to publications (Quick Notes)
  • Eligible to participate on committees or working groups– education, publication, etc.
  • Promotion on arsoncontrol.org, with links to website
  • Discount for registrations as attendee or exhibitor at ICAC events
  • Publication discounts (if applicable)
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Eligible for (and preferred) for presentations at ICAC events or within ICAC publications


Qualification as an associate member would depend on meeting the following requirements and process:

  • ICAC insurance company member (board of directors) referral (initially and every two years thereafter).
  • Membership committee review and approval of associate membership.
  • Payment of membership fees.
  • Regular participation/contribution to ICAC mission by:
    • Submitting publications for member access.
    • Sponsorship or exhibition at ICAC events.
    • Presentation at ICAC event/webinar/program.
    • Attendance at ICAC event/webinar/program