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Membership Information


Dear Prospective Member…

Thank you for your interest in the Insurance Committee for Arson Control (ICAC). We believe arson can only be controlled through a cooperative and coordinated effort among insurance companies and other private and public sector participants impacted by arson fires. We hope that the information in this section of our Web site will be helpful as you consider your involvement in ICAC. If you have any questions about ICAC, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 317-876-6226 or to send e-mail to gdykstra@arsoncontrol.org.

ICAC is a voluntary association of insurance industry organizations committed to the control of arson through prevention and competent investigation. The committee serves as a national information, education, and communications resource organization. Through its efforts, insurance companies and related insurance industry organizations:

  • Provide continuing arson investigation training for claims, legal, and law enforcement personnel
  • Promote a coordinated public affairs effort within the insurance industry to combat arson
  • Develop greater public and private sector awareness of arson as an insurance and law enforcement problem
  • Actively support legislation that has a deterrent effect on the crime of arson

The advantages of joining the committee are both significant and substantial.

  • Access to and development of effective arson investigation skills and capabilities among your claims or special investigation personnel
  • Combined grass-roots political and advocacy strength through the collaborative efforts of respected insurance companies and industry organizations
  • A meaningful and credible opportunity to be heard in the ongoing development of anti-arson public and private sector policy

Membership in the ICAC shall be open to any property/casualty insurance company, re-insurance company, or insurance industry trade associations supportive of the goals of the committee and contributing to its financial support. All member companies are eligible for representation on the Board of Directors, as well as participation on permanent and temporary committees formed to carry out the mission and purpose of the Insurance Committee for Arson Control.

An annual meeting of all members of the ICAC may be held at a time and place determined by the Board of Directors. In addition, all meetings of the Board of Directors shall be open to all members.

Again, thanks for your interest in ICAC. We would value your participation to raise awareness, develop competence and promote the proper investigation and handling of arson investigations. We hope you will join the industry-wide fight against arson today.