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Other Certification Programs


Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator – NAFI

The Board of Directors of the National Association of Fire Investigators has long recognized the need for an accepted method and standard of evaluating the qualifications of individuals who are conducting Fire, Arson and Explosion Investigations. Those fire investigators who testify in court as “Experts” have an equal need and interest in establishing their credentials. Therefore, the National Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator program was instituted at the August 11, 1983 NAFI Board of Directors meeting held in Chicago, Illinois. Since that time, the program has grown in recognition and has expanded to provide certification opportunities to NAFI members, internationally as well as within the US.
The National Certification Program is designed to:

  • Recognize Qualified Fire and Explosion Investigators.
  • Serve as a National Certification Registry and Clearinghouse for identifying qualified fire and explosion investigators.
  • Provide an established system to compare the various qualifications of those engaged in fire and explosion investigation.
  • Promote excellence in the Training, Education, and Conduct of fire and explosion investigators.
  • Provide a system by which equally qualified investigators specializing in the various disciplines of fire and explosion investigation will have immediate acceptance as “Experts”.


Certified Fire Investigator Program – IAAI

The International Association of Arson Investigators seeks to acknowledge demonstrated competence in all phases of fire investigation, as held by numerous individuals from many fields, both public and private. This goal is accomplished by awarding points for achievements in Education, Training and Experience as they relate to Fire Investigation. These point totals are subject to maximums in each of these areas, which further assures substantial field experience as opposed to a primarily academic or theoretical background.

The Certified Fire Investigator Program of the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) has the following objectives:

  • Recognition of Professional Standards of Achievement in Fire Investigation Theory and Practice by Government and Private Sector Fire Investigators.
  • Encouragement of Continued Education and Training in the Field of Fire Investigation.
  • Increased Professional standing in the Fire Investigation Field.
  • Identification of the sources of Professional Knowledge for the Theory and Practice of Fire Investigation, Related Fields and the Laws and Regulations governing or affecting Fire Investigation.


Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator – IASIU

The Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator program is an accrediting process for individuals with the specialized skills required to detect, investigate and deter insurance fraud. The program has a high standard for admission and testing which includes adherence to IASIU’s code of ethics, and a demonstrated competency through mandatory continuing professional education.


NFPA Certification Programs

NFPA supports fire protection, and the fire service and building professions through the following certification programs:

National Insurance Crime Bureau Education Programs

The NICB Training Department offers numerous programs to address the educational needs of members and law enforcement agents. These programs provide fraud and theft fighters with the fraud detection skills and expertise necessary to fight fraud. Educational programs consist of Special Investigation Academies, the National Insurance Crime Training Academy, the FraudSmartsm Training Program, On-line Training for Law Enforcement, as well as customized training.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

ATF offers various arson and explosives training and educational programs for state and local investigators and prosecutors.

National Fire Academy – USFA

The Academy conducts specialized training courses and advanced management programs of national impact. The NFA offers these courses and programs in a concentrated, residential setting that is most conducive to intensive learning. On-campus programs target middle- and top-level fire officers, fire service instructors, technical professionals, and representatives from allied professions. Any person with substantial involvement in fire prevention and control, emergency medical services, or fire-related emergency management activities is eligible to apply for Academy courses.