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Is Your Fire Expert Qualified?

Oct 27 2016
1:00 pm

Is Your Fire Expert Qualified?

The Requirements of NFPA 1033, ‘Standard for professional Qualifications for Fire Investigators’

NFPA 1033 is a national professional standard for anyone wanting to serve as a fire investigator in either the public or private sector, it is not merely a guide.  We will review the broad-ranging topics and minimum job performance requirements this benchmark imposes about which fire investigators must have and maintain a basic skill level and knowledge.  We will also consider the most recent changes to NFPA 1033, which are raising the bar on the minimum knowledge requirements for fire investigators.  Due to certain pressures in the industry and society, courts are more closely scrutinizing the reliability of expert testimony, including the expert’s qualifications.  Fire investigators can expect attorneys to use NFPA 1033 to challenge their professional qualifications to render an opinion as an expert.  This hour will assist you in preparing your expert to survive attack when their qualifications are scrutinized at deposition or trial.

What are key takeaways?

  • NFPA 1033 is a standard for fire investigators, not just a guide.
  • This benchmark is rising in importance, imposing stricter standards and raising the bar for fire investigators.
  • You will better recognize and understand the minimum skills and knowledge this benchmark imposes to perform as a fire investigator.
  • Does your expert’s CV reflect their compliance with NFPA 1033?  Is your expert prepared to defend their qualifications at deposition and trial?  You will know after you attend.