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One Dimensional vs. Two Dimensional Experts

One Dimensional vs. Two Dimensional Experts

Knowing the Difference Can Help You Avoid Costly Pitfalls in Selecting and Instructing Experts

Expert witnesses are the lynchpin of fire and explosion cases. If an expert is insufficiently qualified or performs poorly in the heat of litigation, even a most promising case can sour quickly. In many fire cases, the insurance claims handler or SIU supervisor are under severe time pressures to hire one or more experts for a given case, often without the help of the attorney who will ultimately handle the case. Without having experienced first-hand the ways that expert testimony can go wrong in depositions or trials, they are at a disadvantage in selecting and instructing experts.

This webinar will help you to distinguish between a one-dimensional expert who appears to have all of the requisites of an expert with sufficient expertise in his or her field; and a two-dimensional expert who not only has the requisite expertise, but has developed a crucial second dimension – the skills necessary to testify effectively. This webinar will provide:

  • Examples of cross-examination techniques that can defeat even very knowledgeable one-dimensional experts at depositions or trial;
  • Strategies that two-dimensional experts use to deflect such techniques; and
  • A checklist for selecting and instructing two-dimensional experts.