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Investigation Training & Technology

Arson Insurance School

Fire investigation and fire claims investigation have seen sweeping changes in recent years. Our court systems are imposing greater responsibility and accountability for the insurance industry such as new legal and scientific developments in evidence collection, spoliation, NFPA 921, expert witnesses, courtroom testimony, and bad faith litigation. The fire investigation and insurance industries need to develop strategies to deal with these changes. That is why the IAAI, ATF and ICAC developed the Arson Investigation Techniques for the Insurance Industry.

CFI Trainer

The International Association of Arson Investigators has long been a leader in fire investigator training and certification. CFITrainer.net is the Association’s latest innovation in providing training to fire investigators at all levels.

Detective Edu

Detective Edu is a free and independent resource compiles information from hundreds of law enforcement agencies, including Bureaus of Investigations operating at the state level, sheriff’s offices and local police departments. The website  provides details on the structure of the CIDs within these agencies, and the exact steps necessary to become a detective so as to serve the communities included in their jurisdictions. We encourage all visitors to use this free resource to prepare for a career in criminal investigations.

Fire Science Online

FireScience.org is an organization dedicated to Fire education and information ecosystem. Fire Science Online’s mission is to provide fire education, public safety careers information and tools to the public at no cost.


InterFIRE VR is the revolutionary new fire investigation training tool is now available to all those with a professional interest in fire investigation. The program, developed by a unique partnership between the federal government, private industry, and professional organizations, was three years in the making. For the first time, a single comprehensive guideline for fire investigation is now available that incorporates “best practices” from the fire service, law enforcement, and the insurance industry.