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goodfaith-pub-largeGood Faith, Bad Faith: A Legal View

ICAC has released its new publication “Good Faith, Bad Faith: A Legal View” which is now available for download or purchase.  The focus of the publication deals with good faith in the context of fire losses, but the information contained in the publication is relevant to claims handling generally.


Fire PubFire in the United States

U.S. Fire Administration Publication – 18th Edition – 2005-2014

Executive Summary – Fire departments in the United States responded to nearly 1.3 million fire calls in 2014.1 The U.S. fire problem no longer ranks as the most severe of the industrialized nations, yet thousands of Americans die each year, tens of thousands of people are injured, and property losses reach billions of dollars. There are huge indirect costs of fire as well, including temporary lodging, lost business revenues, medical expenses, psychological damage, and others. To put this in context, the annual losses from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters combined in the U.S. average just a fraction of those from fires.2 The public, the media and local governments are generally unaware of the magnitude and seriousness of the fire problem and how it affects individuals and their families, communities, and the nation.

Fraud Magazine

Although the fight against fraud has gained momentum over the last decade, finding informative references on the topic is still difficult. That’s why since 1987, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners has published Fraud Magazine, a bimonthly magazine devoted to timely, insightful articles on white-collar crime and fraud examination techniques.

claimslogoClaims Magazine

Claims is a monthly magazine dedicated to “Covering the Business of Loss” for property/casualty insurance claims professionals and corporate risk managers. Claims reports in a timely manner on disasters, insurance crime, emerging trends in insurance claims, regulatory, judicial and legislative changes, and provides expert advice and educational articles covering techniques for handling insured losses with which our readers are faced.

fflogoFire Findings

Published every quarter, it’s your handy tool for building in-depth knowledge of the field of technical fire investigations. And it provides you with the latest information available anywhere – practical information that can help you make better determinations and build successful cases.

Fire Chief Magazine

Fire Chief is edited for fire service executives. This includes fire chiefs and fire administrators of municipal, district, county, township, industrial, military and independent fire departments and companies — volunteer, part-paid, and paid. Emphasis is placed on helping fire administrators solve their administrative and management problems, as well as meet today’s challenges in the five major areas of fire department responsibility: operations (firefighting, emergency medical services, rescue, disaster response, hazardous materials); equipment and maintenance (purchase and maintenance of fire apparatus and equipment); fire prevention (public education, investigation, inspection and enforcement); and training and support services (communications, reporting, supplies and facilities maintenance).

Fire Engineering

For over 122 years, Fire Engineering magazine has provided training, education, and management information for fire and emergency services personnel worldwide. Articles are written by experts in the fire service and focus on lessons-learned.
Feature articles cover real-life situations such as collapse void search, confined space rescue, high-angle rescue, and extrication. Regular magazine departments focus on education and management issues.
The online version of Fire Engineering provides daily international business and industry-related news, current issue articles, and access to years of searchable editorial archives. Check the calendar of events for the next FDIC, industry-related conference, or refer to the Product Guide for vendor, product and service information.


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