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State by State Summary of the Arson Reporting-Immunity Laws

Compiled by The Insurance Committee for Arson Control
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The Insurance Committee for Arson Control (ICAC) has prepared this publication. In preparing this State-by-State Summary of Arson Reporting-Immunity Laws, every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. In the event that you find errors or have any suggestions that would improve the Summary, please contact the Insurance Committee for Arson Control at info@arsoncontrol.org.

The Summary focuses on the exchange of information at the request of an officially authorized agency. Thus, it describes those agencies that are “authorized” to receive information; summarizes the nature and form that the request should take and details the information that the insurer must send. The immunity conferred upon insurers under the statutes is also described. Those provisions that guide authorized agencies that receive the information are included under the heading of “Other.” Because of this focus there are many situations that this document does not address. For example, there is no careful consideration of “reciprocity” where an insurer requests that the authorized agency provide it with information. In this and in all situations companies are urged to consult the statutory language for guidance.

Updated July 2002
Insurance Committee for Arson Control

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